You must use your imagination to bring some new stuff in your gerbil life! You can go to the hardware store or the dollar store to find something else for your gerbils. you could even find something in the in the old junk in the basement or attic.

For some other ideas, visit Gary's website


PVC Plumbing tubes

This is a very interesting material. When the small plastic tunnels sold in Petstores cost over 4$ each, you can find 6' of black tube for the same price. The gerbils will be as happy and you too as you will not cry when you'll see it destroy by your gerbils! Just cut them the desire length and it's done! You can make a complete maze by using the joint sold in the same section. If you want them to go up in a tube, they won't be able in the PVC ones. Don't glue the tubes together. If a gerbil is sick, you won't be able to reach it. Also, the gerbil may poop in the tubes, so you'll need to be able to disassemble the maze to clean it.


If you want clear tubes, you can try to find Plexiglas tube. A lot more expensive (50$ for 6') but almost totally gerbil proof. “Almost” because, they may chew some part of it after months. You can also use empty cans to protect tubs extremities from our small chewers.

Industrial Velcro

Velcro can be used to fix anything on tanks wall. I use it to fix water bottle, food bowl and wheels. This way, it can be easily removed for cleaning. You can use it to fix PVC tubes on the walls. For all this to work , you need to use good quality industrial Velcro, not the one sold for sewing on cloths.

Metal wires

Wires are very useful too. As for Velcro, you can use wires to hang things in the aquarium. You can also use it to cover some part of material that you want to protect from chewing. Just be careful to how you knit it around, small paws or head could be caught in it.

Terra cotta pots 

The broken ones can be used to make small hiding place. Make sure you softened the edges. You can also drill a hole in it if you have the proper tools.


I saw that on Gary's page, a New York gerbil breeder. He use that to make alot of different things. But be carefull soften the edges! 


Gerbil-proof materials

You know that, gerbils are rodent, and when we say rodent, we say chewing! Few things can outstand the gerbils chewing rages. I listed some for you.



This type of plastic is very very hard. You can find it in stores like Homedepot, Rona, Renodepot, etc. They sell it in sheets. You'll need to use sheets of 3mm thick to be resistant enough for gerbils. 

This plastic may be difficult to work. It may break if cut to fast or drilled the wrong way. It can be folded with a hot wire heat source. I made many thing with plexi, as it's one of my favourite material for gerbils. Visit the Store to see some models I done.


This may sound odd but it may be a good idea to build anything! Bambou is hard and gerbils have a hard time trying to chew it. You can to small houses, bridges or staires.  



Ceramic squares can be use in different ways. you can glue it with silicone made for aquariums or with hot glue. 


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