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Here you will find products for your present or futur gerbils.  

The majority of the objects presented here are hand made or have been transformed by me, 

your favorite breeder, to best fit your gerbils needs !


Rodent food

Bedding: Corn Cob

Used tank

Tank lids

Water Bottle

Food dishes

Gerbil houses

Gerbil Pet Carriers


Payments methods

Any payment must be made in advance (sent by mail or money transfers through Desjardins), or the day you pickup your order, if you come come over at my place. Articles will be sent only after I have received the full payment (or after the check clears at my bank).


-Personal check

-Money orders

-Bank transfers (Caisses Desjardins) 

-Paypal (1,50$ fee)


I am not to be held responsible if anything gets lost through the post office, you will have to contact them yourself!


Rodent Food (RatChow)


 2kg (4.4 lb) Bag (Big freezer bag): 4.00$

- Contained in Ziploc bags

- Contains 21% protein and 4% fat.

- Quality food used by Laval Univesity

- The ingredient list is available on request.


Quality food perfect for gerbil moms. Frozen, it can last up to one year.

Bedding: Corn Cob


1,5kg bag(3,3lb) (Big freezer bag): 4.00$

-This type of bedding is very absorbant and almost dust free. 

-Absorb odours better then other kind of bedding. 

-No phenol.

-This bag can be used for 2 cleaning. 






Tank Lids 

E-mail me to know what's available. 



E-mail me to know what's available. 




Gerbil-proof Water Bottles: 6,00$

Glass bottles with rubber stopper. It is modified so that the water can't leak out of it. The holder is made of Plexiglass, which is not likely to get destroyed by your gerbils. Velcro included so that it can hold in place inside the tank.



Elevated food dish : 6,00$

Built to prevent the bowl from being lost under the bedding.  The holder is made out of Plexiglass and the removable bowl is stainless steel. Velcro included so that it can stay put in the tank.




Gerbil house

Coconuts houses: 5,00$

Made from coconut, those houses are perfect for your gerbils. Totally chew proof they can be place at the bottom of the tank or hang to the wall with Velcro depending of the chosen model.


Ceramic houses 17cm: 5,00$

Very easy to clean and won't be torn to pieces like plastic houses!



Gerbil Pet Carriers  

Big plastic totes : 15.00 $

Plastic totes, the lid is modified to allow good ventilation.  Meshes are less than one cm.  Ideal to travel with gerbil to the New England Gerbil Show or simply to the vet, they can also be used as secondary homes during the cleaning of their usual tank.  

Dimension:  15" wide. X 10" high.  X 11" deep 


Quantity: Built On request (1 available)


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