Mate a lonely gerbils to have babies 


You want to try to get your gerbil pregnant by presenting her an unknown male and removing him once it's done?

Read this before doing anything.


Maybe I'm saying the same thing again and again, but gerbils are social animals that live in groups. They are not like mice that we can mate with a male, removing him, and it's done. It's sure that yes, there will be babies but as a good breeder, it's not a good method to use for gerbils. Yes it will work, but it's not a good thing to do. Keep 20 dogs in a house and wait until they mate, yes, this will produce babies, but it's not a good way for breeding dogs! 


Animals are not toys! Think and read about them before "Having fun" 


Consequences possible for a lonely mother

-She will be more stressed (excessive bares chewing, frighten, bites) 

-Can kill her babies

-Neglect her babies, not feeding them. 

-The babies can become sick because of the bad care given by the mother.


If you want to to it anyway, it's at your own risks.

If you want an alternative, visit this page.



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