Breed gerbils only once... for the kids 


This may be a very educative way to learn about life to breed some gerbils at home with the kids. You can show the baby's development and make them discover the secrets of life! 


But you must know that there are some details to know before to start anything. I often see peoples entering a pet store with 15 or 20 gerbils in a cage and say: "take them, I got too much of them. I bought a pair for my kids and I lost control." If you don't want this story to happen to you, continue reading!!


The first thing to do is choose a pair that is not related. Go to different Petshops to be sure, or the best thing to do is to find a breeder in your region. Make sure your gerbils are between 1 month or 2, the introduction to each other will be easier. Make sure that the 2 gerbils you have are the best 2 you could find in town; the most docile, nice, sociable, curious and healthy.


Once everyone is set(I take for granted to you red/read/or will read the rest of the website), if you are lucky and that the gerbils are adults, you should have babies! 


How to do 

Obviously, if you keep the female and the male together, you'll have babies each month or so. And if you red the previous page about "Mating a lonely gerbil" you know that it's not a good idea to remove the male right after they'll mate. So, the answer is to make 2 litters! 


Step 1: Litter #1

They mate, the female get pregnant, the babies arrive. Leave the father with his family even if they will mate again the same day, usually in the evening. 

Step 2: Separation of the pair

The father will help the mother by taking care of the babies too. He will keep them warm and clean them. His presence will also make the mother calmer and more attentive to her babies and also friendlier toward you. When the pups will be 3 weeks old, the female will begin to look pregnant again. It's going to be time to think about removing the father. You can wait the day of the second litter or take him out now just to be sure they won't mate while you're not there! At the same time, take the young males and move them with dad in another tank. Leave one or two young girls with mom. They will help her with her new litter. If there isn't any girl, keep a male with her. If this litter was big, place the other babies in different tanks following the sexes.

Step 3: Litter #2

The young girls left with the mother will help her taking care of her next litter. There won't be any other litter for now, if you split all boys from girls... including from dad.

Step 4: Place everyone!

One the second litter have reached one month or 2, it's going to be time to split everyone by sex. You can try to put the young males with their older brothers in a new tank. But respect the maximum number of gerbils with the size of the tank. Eight, one month old gerbils in a 10 gallons, ok, but eight 3 months old in a 10 gallons, it's squeezed!  Once everyone is split by sexes, you can keep them like that for a long time, until you find new homes for everyone. You won’t have to worry about over population!

Here is how you keep contrôle of your population!



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