Gerbils are desert animals, but this doesn't mean that they don't need water! They will drink an average of 4 ml of water each day. A mouse will drink 15 ml! Their body is made to save as much water as possible. The result is a very small amount of urine and very dry feces.


The water must be change at least, once every 2 days. As they don't drink a lot, you may think about waiting that the bottle is empty to change the water. But it's not a good idea. If the water is left to stand for too long, algae and bacteria can form in the water bottle. If you are lazy as I am, just use a small bottle that they will empty every 2 days! 


Bottle or dish?

The bottle : 

This will keep the water clean at all time. It may drip or even clog. Just be sure that it works properly. Set it at the good height so that the tip doesn’t touch the bedding. If it does, it will drip until the bottle is empty. When you bring home your new little gerbils, just be sure that the babies understand how it works! Be aware that the gerbil may try to chew it if it is in plastic. The glass tube is a good idea, or you can use metal holder to protect your bottles.


The dish :

It will get dirty VERY fast. The gerbils will throw bedding in it when they dig. They may also push it and spill it. You can try to fix it on an elevated place in the tank. In my opinion, this is a temporary water supply.



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