Food to avoid


Most of the times, when you don't know if a food item is good or not for your animal, you better don't try to give it to your animal. Here is a list of the main food items that aren't good for gerbils.



It contains a chemical substance called: theobromine. According to http://chemistry.about.com, this substance is very toxic to gerbils and even for all other pets as cats, dogs, horses, etc. Animal cannot digest this substance as we do and get intoxicated by it. It as the same effect then caffeine but a little less pronounced. Heart attack can occur in serious cases.


Citrus fruits of any kind 

It might be because of the acidity of that kind of fruit. I don't know the exact causes. Did you know that we are one of the only animals that can't produce their own vitamin C? Guinea pig and some primates need to eat something that contains vitamin C if they don't want to die from scurvy, just like us.


Unbaked eggs

The bacteria, salmonella, is sometimes present in eggs. To get rid of it, just baked the eggs to kill all bacteria. Be aware that if salmonella infects your gerbil, touching the feaces of the gerbils can also infect you. Diarrhoea is the main symptom and can be deadly to your gerbil.


Everything that contains to much water, il y a danger de diarrhée ce qui est très dangereux pour les petits rongeurs. Vous pouvez leur donner des fruits et des légumes mais toujours en petite quantité.



One drop of alcohol won't cure a gerbil cold. Avoid any kind of alcoholic beverage. 


Coffee and tea

Those beverages contain caffeine that is very dangerous for small animals. Gerbils are already nervous enough! Don't give them coffee! 


Fruit seeds

Seeds from fruits contain something close to cyanide. This can kill your animal. 



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