Gerbils on vacation


When the time of vacations arrives, some peoples go traveling. You chose the destination, make the reservations and everything seems to be set. But did you think about your little animals?! You must be sure that they will be safe when youíll be gone


Those next advices can be applied to any little furry friend. 

It is unadvised to leave your pets alone for a long time. More then 3 days can cause problems. 


The food

Obviously, itís easy to leave a big quantity of food and the gerbilís habitat. But what would you do if you were wrong in your estimate and that they ate more then you tough. You might come back home and find your gerbils dead of food starvation. (And yes, I saw that once) 


You could think about buying a big rabbit water bottle that would contain enough water for 3 weeks but did you think about the water quality in there? After a while, algae and bacteria can develop and endanger the health of your gerbils. Another problem more serious would be that the bottle clogs. Just image if it does, only 2 days after you leave for a 3 weeks trip. 


It is well known that gerbils are very territorial. Even if your gerbils got alone very well for 2 years, a fight can begin at anytime. This situation may be rare but if it happens, it can end in the death of one or both of the gerbils. 




Ask to someone to keep your gerbils! 

The easiest solution might be to find a friend of a family member, nice enough to take care of your gerbils while you are gone. If the person you choose doesnít know a lot about rodent care, you, you might want to spend some time with him to give him some tips. Show him how to do and let him do it in front of you. This way you will both be confident about all that. Change the bedding before you leave, prepare him a to do list and a ę what to do in the case of Ľ list. Leave some spare items just in case (bottle, extra cage) Itís better to plan more then not enough.


Animal Hotel

You might find some peoples or even a company that lodge animals. Look in local newspapers and over the Internet to see if something like this exists in your town. 


Bring your gerbils with you on vacation.

If your trip allows it, you can bring your gerbils in car. Just be sure that your gerbils will be welcome where youíll stay! And also, be informed of local restriction on rodent. Rodents are denied in some states like California. For the car trip, you can use a transport box or simply take their usual cage or aquarium if possible. Take out the water bottle as it may drip while your drive and replace it by carrots or vegetables. Never leave your gerbils unattended in your car. In summer, the temperature rises very fast. 


I hope those advise will help you on your next vacation! Have a nice trip! 


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