Safe out the cage

Never leave your gerbil alone out of its tank in the house! Protect it from electric wires and houseplants, as some may be toxic. Prepare a safe area in the room with a blanket on the floor if you want. Place some obstacles around it to make a confined area. You can also let it walk on the couch. Think like a gerbil, it will chew everything in its path: door corner, paperboard box, wires, etc.

If it run away, it can chew it's way trough walls and make a lot of damage to the house, and even create electrical problems or even fire.

You can make an enclosure with small cage wall sold in pet shops for this purpose. You can also try to make one yourself with paperboard pieces. Walls must be at least 8 inchs (20cm) high. 


Toxic plants

Scientific name

Commun name


*Pictures have been taken from the web*

Amaryllis spp Amaryllis
Caladium spp Caladium
Cyclamen spp Cyclamen
Dieffenbachia spp Dumbcane
Euphorbia pulcherrima Poinsettia
Hydrangea spp Hydrangea
Nerium oleander Oleander
Philodendron spp Red Emerald
Rhododendron spp Rhododendron, Azaleas
Solanum pseudocapsicum Jerusalem cherry

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