Create its own group

The easiest way to make a nice group is to pair them when they are 2-3 month old or less. At his age, they are not as territorial as adults and they will easily accept new friend even if they are for different litters. If you try to form a group of older gerbils, go to the next page about « how to introduce a new gerbil ».


Here are the good candidat to choose

Easy match :

2 females, paired before 2 months old

2 males paired before 2 months old

1 male and 1 female paired before 2 months old

Possible but not always easy to achive (may need split-cage technique)

Candidats from above but older then 2 months

1 adult male and an adult female (work better when she is in heat)

2 adults males

1 adult male and a babie male or female


Combination that will work for a while but may cause problems over time.

2 females and one male. The females will fight with each other 

2 males and one female. The males will fight with each other at every heat of the female.

More then 3 young females 

More then 3 young males


Combination praticly Impossible to achieve

2 adulte females

Adulte females with any young gerbils of 2 month or older





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