But what is a gerbil?



The Mongolian gerbil is a small rodent originating from Asia. At first, it was a laboratory animal but this little creature was so much curious and docile that it fast became an adorable pet.


Sadly, in Quebec, peoples don't even know the gerbil. But in Europe, it almost replaced the hamster in most pet shop.


Being social animals, gerbils interact a lot with the other. You can see them wrestle, box, run, jump and play with each other. They become the main attraction of the room and may even replace your TV set for a while. 


It will always come to see you when you approach of its house. It is always curious and without a bit mischievousness.




It will make you smile when you'll see your little gerbils slowly wake up with its small eyes and come to see you. Or when you'll see them sleep all pile up. They are just so adorable! 




If you are not convinced yet, I can tell you some other facts. Gerbils are very easy to maintain. They don't produce bad odours as hamsters, rat or mice. They practically never bite. They are active all day and may even get used to your daily routine. To know more about these lovable creatures, read the pages on that site and email me if you need more help!  



Here are the anwers of the first questions I recived when I speak about gerbils! 



Is it a rat?

- No, the rat has a bald scaly tail whereas gerbil has a hairy tail with a tuft of hair at the tip. The rat is also twice as big as a gerbil.








Is it a hamster? 


-Neither, the hamster has a very small tail, big ears and has a rounder body shape. The hamster is also a solitary animal and live only at night time. The gerbils are social animals that live all the day. 







Is it a mouse?


-Neither once more! The mouse is smaller then the gerbil. It has a scaly tail like the rat. It also has very big ears and small eyes.  They tend to smell bad very fast, especially males. 





How big is a gerbil? 

- In between the seize of a rat and a mouse. In average, 13 cm (5 inch) for the body and 12 cm (41/2 inche) for the tail. Adults weight between 75g and 100g. 




Is it the same thing then a jerboa? 


In French, the names gerbils and jerboas are often confused. The name "gerboise" is wrongly used to call a gerbil. I think that in English, you don't have this problem! Jerboas live mainly in North Africa whereas gerbils live mainly in Asia.







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