Breeding problems


Even if we place a male and a female in a nice tank, this doesn’t always means that they will make babies. It's rare I must say. I only saw this once and the cause was that the male was too fat. The other did all end up giving at least 2 or 3 litters.


Here are some reasons why breeding won't work.

- The female is too young or too old.

- Obesity of the male or the female.

- They just don't get along with each other personality.

- Bad nutrion or lack of water. 

- Infertility.

- Sick female, low weight

- Bad environment (too hot, too cold, too humid, or too dirty ).

- Constant stress (other animals like cats, noisy kids).

- Lack of light.

To encourage breeding, give them more toys, things to chew, hiding place and stuff to make their nest. Give them a quiet environment and make sure they have 12 hours of light everyday.

Mammal gland infection:

The nippels are going to be hot and swolen. This happen usually when the babies are 1 week old. This infection can push the mother to kill her pups because of the pain. 



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