Gestation can last from 23 to 26 days, but if she is nursing a previous litter, it can go up to 40 days. During the gestation, you don't have to remove dad. He will help her in all the steps of parenthood. It's even advised to keep him with her.



Some females can be aggressive and won't let you touch them or get near the nest. In this case, you must respect that and leave her alone. But usually, they stay tamed and docile. It is then possible to take her out for a little walk. But be careful to her belly. As the time goes, her belly will get bigger and bigger. Leave her alone when you begin to see a belly. If you hold her to tight, you could hurt her or the babies or even cause an abortion. It's better to leave her.


Leave at the disposal of the future parents, some tissue, house and hiding place for them to build a nest. Place a piece of paper or cloth on one side of the tank to provide then a littel privacy. 


Give them quality food (18% protein and +) and don't forget to change the water everyday. 

How to do to know if a gerbil is pregnant 

In most cases, if you don't see your gerbils mating, it means that the fertilisation occurred and that the female don't have any heat. There is some ways to determine if a gerbil is pregnant. Because of her small size, it's hard to say only after one week if your female is pregnant. After 2 or 3 weeks, it's going to show a little more. You can try to make her stand on her hind legs by holing a sunflower seed above her. This way you can see if there is a shape on her belly.

Weighing: Weigh your gerbil everyday from the 10th day of pregnancy and you'll see that she take weigh. 
Abdominal palpation: Done in the last third of the gestation period. Done only by Ça se fait à partir du dernier tiers de la gestation, mais par des mains expérimentées, car une pression trop intense peut causer un avortement.
Echography: You don't really need that...but it's a method!
Size of the belly After 2 weeks, you can see the belly shape have changed. One more week and you'll see the babies move in her belly! 
Increase in the size of mammal glands  Only some days before giving birth, they will be a littel bigger and more visible. 

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When the gestation is near its end, it's possible to see the babies move in the belly. 

Here's a video.


Pictures of pregnant gerbils :


Note the "little bird on the electrical wire at freezing temperature" effect! On the centre picture, she puffs her fur to keep the heat. They will often do this behaviour when pregnant.


False pregnancy

It is possible for a female who mated with a infertil male to make a false pregnancy. It will last 14 to 16, she will gain some weigh but after 2 weeks, she will become normal as she were before. Then, she will get her heat again after some days. 



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