General data


Sexual maturity

Female: 2 months, May be earlier if placed with a mature male. 

Male: 3 months

Reproductive season All year long
Oestrus (ovulation) Every 4 to 6 days, for 12 to 18 hours. Height hours after childbirth. Can stop if the female leaves with females only
Number of mamal glands 8, (4 abdominal and 4 thoracic)

First gestation: 23 to 26 days

Every following ones: 23 to 48 days

Number of pups in a litter 

Between 1 and 10, average of 6

Note: if there is less of 2 babies, they may not survive because they won't produce a big enough demand for milk and the mother may stop produce milk too soon. A mother can also kill the small and weak litter.


14 babies is the record. It been established in 1983 in England by S.Kirkman of Bulwell in Nottingmshire.

In the United-States, a breeder had a litter of 15 but he was using a special food formula, so his record was not accepted.
Weight at birth 2,5g to 3,5g
Oppening of the eyes Between 16 and 21 days. I noticed that light colores with the "pp" gene seams to open their eyes later. 
Weaning age  3 to 4 weeks. It's recommended to keep the babies with their parents until they are 5 to 6 weeks or until the next litter.
Number of litter every year An average of  7 to 8
Lenght of the reproductive life

Female: approximately 24 months. Rhythm of pregnancy  will slow down from 1 year old.

Male: All its life.





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