How to differentiate males and females 


Here you'll see how to see the differences between males and females at different age. You may have problems at first to set them apart but with practice you'll see that it's not so hard to do


It's pretty easy to see the difference when you spend some time looking! The main criteria is the distance between the anus and the urinary organ. This distance will be longer in males and shorter in females. With adult animals, it's pretty obvious. And in addition, the testicles are easily visible


But with babies, it's a little bit trickier. Between 2 weeks and 1 mount, we could think that they are all females so much the distance between the two elements is small.


Here are two gerbils around 2 months old. The difference is clearly visible. Female on the right and male on the left.


In younger gerbils, it's more difficult. It may seems obvious in pictures, but you'll see, they move alot to this age. They are 3 weeks old. Female on the right and male on the left.



There is also the nipples technique. You must do the observation when the gerbil is 10 days old. Later, it's too late. Yes, you can touch the babies to this age, but be careful, there are fast like rockets! In females, there will be small dots, on each side of the belly and in the underarm. 8 to be precise. These are the nipples. Males don't have those dots. When the female gets older, the fur covers up everything and it's almost impossible to see them unless she have babies... Males won't have the dots, but the sent gland area will be bigger.


On the left, a babie girl and on the right, a banie boy.





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