To see life being created under our eyes is a wonderful thing for kids and older kids! It's very interesting to see those little babies grow and becoming big. But you must remember that they are living creatures that need care and attention and breeding them must not be taken lightly. This needs time and a good knowledge of the species. PLEASE If you want to begin breeding gerbils, even just once, read all the pages on this website and look around on other ones.



Concider those things before taking your descision


Do you have room enough to have a breeding paire?

Having a tank with a pair is good, but when they have babies, you CAN'T leave them with the parents all their life. There must be at least 3 tanks. One for parents, on for young boys, and one for young girls. If you don't, brothers and sisters will mate together at age of 3 months. And if you keep them all with the parents, they will all breed together and you will loose control! 

What are you going to do with the babies?

Do you want to keep them all? Think about the fact that a breeding pair can give you 6 ot 8 babies each month. Do you have families ready to take them? Do you know if in your city or town, you have chance to be able to sell or give them. You are responsible for the life you create. You cannot throw them in the woods if you got too much of them! Finding good homes for gerbils can be a hard task. You'll need to make advertisement here and there which demand time and patience. In addition, once the babies are 1 month old, another litter of 6 to 8 will arrive, and the month later again and again. Will you be able to take the responsibility of it?

If yes...

Carefully choose the parents.

Take the prettiest, the more docile, the easiest to catch in the tank and the more sociable with other gerbils. Never breed gerbils with birth defects. Choose the healthiest and nicest to keep the gerbil species strong.

Avoid consanguinity

Even if many believe that it won't change a thing in gerbils, believe me it changes something. This weakens gerbil genetics. This also creates more birth defects going from curved paws to missing nose to twisted tail. If you take your gerbils in a petshop. (never trust petshop clerks) take one there and another one elsewhere. 


Always be sure that the mother is healty and fully grown (3 to 4 months at least) If they are not healty or fat enough, the pregnency could weaken her and she could get sick and even the babies could get sick because of her bad health. 




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