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The only photographs take from other sites: the gerbils, the hamster, the regular cage and the habitrail and the toxic plants. 


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References: Bits of text from the book "La Gerbille" by the veterinarian Manon Tremblay were used with permission. Thank you very much! 



January 2005: First version of the site (french)

April 2005: First site makeover (french)

September 2005: Purchase of the domain Lagerbille.com (french)

October 2005: Fusion of the site "Passion-Gerbille" of Caroline with this present site. (french)

January 2006: Caroline leaves to explore a new passion. (french)

March 2006: Purchase of the domain  Thegerbils.com 

April 2006: First english pages translated



JoŽlle Clermont


Geographic: I live the area of Quebec City, more precisely in Beauport close to the Montmorency Fall. 




My name is Joelle. I have been breeding gerbils since March 2004. My first encounter with this small rodent was when I went to College, in a course called "Culture and maintenance of living creatures". From that day on, the number of gerbils at my home has never stopped increasing. Going from 2 to almost up to 80 at times! Breeding gerbils really became a passion for me! I raise them for the pleasure of it, but at the same time, I try to produce very tame and beautiful gerbils in accord with the standards of the American Gerbil Society. I am also member of this association. 

When I began breeding, I decided to breed colors like Siamese and Dark Eyed Honey. But when I searched in my area, I realized that nobody knew about these colors. Therefore, on June 12th, 2005, I went to the United States to adopt gerbils of the colors I liked most and carry out my dream. 

I graduated from colledge  with a degree in Techniques of Inventory and Research in Biology (TIRB). It is a college degree which teaches concepts of biology, microbiology, chemistry,  field work on fauna and the flora and ecology. I now work as a Lab Technician, in a local high school. 



Here's a graph that represents the number of gerbils I had at home according to the time.






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This site is not built nor approved by a veterinarian. The statements made on this site are mine and can differ from what other sources say. These come from my own observations as from other's observations that were e-mailed to me over time. I am not a gerbil "Doctor", I'm just a gerbil addict. I am not responsible for any wounds or deaths of  gerbils that may occur if you follow indications given on this site or by myself. 


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